10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites for Unlimited Entertainment

10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites for or Unlimited Entertainment

The pack of entertainment, information, and inspiration with a bowl of popcorn in your comfy bed is all you need while you binge-watch a movie. A perfect weekend plan. Isn’t? You might want to go down memory lane, explore the new genre, or watch your favorite actor’s latest movie. This article will explore the best free movie streaming sites, where you can watch your kind of movie for free.

Sometimes it’s a little too difficult to find your movie at the right time, sometimes you might be struck at finding a movie, access to platforms, waiting for your account to be recharged on platforms and so many more, but why wait more when you can binge watch a movie for free.

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List of 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

1. 123Movies

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Beginning with the best free movie streaming sites, we have 123 movies. The site offers its viewers endless options to watch. In addition, it also provides its users to popular TV shows and web series. The website offers you HD-quality content. Moreover, the interface of the website is user-friendly, one can easily choose the kind of genre, country, or movie they are looking for.

2. MoviesJoy

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Next on our list is, Movies Joy. The streaming site claims, that the movies it streams are legally however potential risk exists.  The best part about moviesjoy is that, it is compatible with a range of devices. From computers to smartphones, you can easily stream your movies-on-movies joy. Along with this, it provides subtitles for various movies in various languages. You can keep the streaming site on your list and as the site says to have joys of moving on moviesjoy.

visit: MoviesJoy

 3. Lookmovie

Moving ahead in our list of the best free movie streaming sites we have Lookmovies. The site is among the top-rated streaming platforms. It offers its audience with a wide range of movies, from classics to the latest movies, that too in HD quality.  The site has varied genres, from comedy to crime you’ll get it all fine. In addition, the site also claims, the viewers will have everything with no need for a subscription or advertisements. Isn’t this amazing already?

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4. Movietube

 Movie tube is among the best free movie streaming sites. It has a user-friendly interface, which means anyone can easily find out their way to pick a desired movie. Just like YouTube, it has a section of your watchlist. In addition, the streaming site allows you to stream TV shows as well. Not only this, Movies Tube has a segment for the best actors and news.  It also shows ratings of the movie just below the title to help the viewer navigate their right watch.

visit: Movietube

5. Tubi

Tubi is yet another site to have a place in your best free movie streaming site. It provides you with endless hours of streaming, of movies, of TV of video content. Tubi is available to its users on varied range of devices, it includes android, iPhone, Amazon Fire and smart TVs.  The site claims to be free obviously! And 100% legal. However, it includes advertisements. But it is a fair deal? You watch 100% legal content, you can afford an ad or two. The site consists of a collection of award lists, cult classics, Bollywood and weekly watchlists. The site is the leading free streaming site, delivering more.

visit: Tubi

6. YouTube

Too heard? But what’s the lie? You can stream your favorite movie on YouTube for free. If you are lucky enough someone might have uploaded it and if you’d be God’s child you can get it in HD quality with subtitles. Things apart, some companies have uploaded a varied range of movies. For instance, T-Series, A Music Label, and Movie Studio have uploaded a list of Bollywood movies on YouTube. Then why not count it as the best free movie streaming site?

visit: YouTube

7. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a streaming site that offers its viewers with endless options. Which includes- tv shows, dramas from various countries, videos and of course movies! In addition, it also has options of news, interviews, and shorts. We can call it YouTube of visual content. You can watch your desired movie under the segment of ENTERTAINMENT.

8. Kanopy 

Kanopy is yet another movie streaming site, where users can avail thousands of movies for absolutely free. You can watch critically acclaimed movies, foreign movies, and award-winning or inspiring documentaries. Kanopy has it all.

visit: Kanopy

9. ConTV 

With a user-friendly interface, ConTV provides with abundant number of movies.It has separate segments for movies, TV shows, and live TV, which makes it easier for the viewer to find their kind. 

10. AZ Movies 

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

As the name suggests, AZ the streaming site claims to offer movies ranging from A to Z. Ok addition it also presents suggestions for the top 10 movies, new movies, and just added making it easier for you to make an interesting choice. 

visit: AZ Movies


That is all for the day. Various streaming sites provide options to watch movies. However, some sites are limited to a particular region, which might limit access. Those mentioned above best free movie streaming sites are accessible in our country. And are in no particular order. 

 When in the mood to entertain yourselves, binge movies for free without any doubt.


Q. What are the best free movie streaming sites? 

A. There are various choices, 123movie, AZmovir, and Tubi are some of them. 

Q. Are all streaming sites available everywhere?

A. There are few streaming sites whose access is limited to a region.

Q. What are a few streaming sites available in India?

A. A few streaming sites available in India are -Tubi,123movie , AZmovies 

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