California Institute of Technology: Admissions,Courses, Cost, Rankings, Scholarships, and More -

California Institute of Technology: Admissions,Courses, Cost, Rankings, Scholarships, and More

California Institute of Technology, also commonly known as CalTech, is a prestigious research institute focused on Science and Engineering. With a campus hosting 982 undergraduate students and 1,410 graduate students, it’s a vibrant academic community. 

CalTech is renowned for its global diversity, with (18%) of its students being international. It is known for its high standards, and gaining admission here is extremely competitive because of just a (3%) acceptance rate.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the basic details of this prestigious institution, including its admission criteria, courses, costs, rankings, scholarship programs, and much more. 

Introduction to California Institute of Technology(CalTech)

Caltech is a prestigious private research university in Pasadena, California,USA. It was established in 1891, has a rich history of scientific innovation, and is highly respected worldwide. With a focus on pure and applied sciences, it attracts top scientists and engineers. It has six academic divisions emphasizing science and engineering, with a significant amount of sponsored research. 

Caltech’s campus is just 11 miles away from downtown Los Angeles and covers 124 acres and is buzzing with a lively student community. Additionally, it has made huge contributions to science and technology, especially in areas like sustainability, quantum physics, and robotics. 

Many famous scientists, like Nobel Prize winners, have come from Caltech. They also manage NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and run high-tech research centers like the Seismological Lab & observatories. Caltech is where big scientific questions get answered and global challenges are addressed.

CalTech University Eligibility

For undergraduate programs at the California Institute of Technology, you need an equivalent qualification from overseas, meet English proficiency requirements, and have relevant education in grades 11 and 12. 

For postgraduate programs, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree, meet English proficiency requirements, and fulfill any specific requirements for your chosen course. English proficiency exams are mandatory for international applicants unless English is your native language or you were educated in a qualifying English-speaking country. The minimum scores required for the TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo English Test are 100, 7, and 130 respectively.

CalTech University Admission Criteria 

To get admitted to Caltech University, first, understand the university’s selection criteria. It has an incredibly low acceptance rate of 2.7%, which makes it highly competitive. For every 100 applicants, only 3 are admitted to the university. GPA and SAT/ACT scores are essential.

Your GPA should ideally be around 4.19. You should aim for straight A’s and take challenging courses like AP or IB.

While Caltech doesn’t explicitly require SAT/ACT scores, most applicants submit them. The average SAT score is 1545, but aim higher for better chances. 

For application materials, you can apply via Common App or QuestBridge. You need to submit a ($75) application fee or fee waiver, school report, teacher evaluations, transcripts, and mid-year report.

International applicants need English proficiency exam scores, financial aid statements, and translated documents.

You can also submit supplemental materials like research papers or art portfolios to strengthen your application.

Remember to follow instructions carefully and meet all deadlines for a strong Caltech application.

How to Apply to Caltech University?

  • Visit the Caltech official website i.e.
  • Click on the menu button and select “Admission and Aid”.
  • Scroll down and choose between undergraduate and graduate.
  • Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Scroll down and click on the Common App.
  • Click on the “Apply for First-Year” button, create an account, and log in.
  • Provide the required documents.

CalTech University Courses and Fees

ProgramDurationFeesExam Score
B.S Computer Science4 YearsINR 50.4 L/YrIELTS: 7
B.A Business, Economics, and Management4 YearsINR 50.4 L/YrIELTS: 7
B.S Mechanical Engineering4 YearsINR 50.4 L/YrIELTS: 7
B.S Astronomy4 YearsINR 50.4 L/YrIELTS: 7
B.S Planetary Science4 YearsINR 50.4 L/YrIELTS: 7
B.A/B.S Economics4 YearsINR 50.4 L/YrIELTS: 7
Medicine and HealthCare2 yearsUSD 45846TOEFL, IELTS, PTE
Engineering1-4 yearsUSD 45846TOEFL: 100 & Above, SAT, IELTS: 7 & Above
Science4 yearsUSD 45846TOEFL: 100 & Above, SAT, IELTS: 7 & Above
Arts4 yearsUSD 45846TOEFL, SAT
Information Technology (IT)4 yearsUSD 52506TOEFL, SAT
Management4 yearsUSD 45846TOEFL, SAT

CalTech University Rankings

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is highly regarded globally and nationally for its academic excellence. In the QS World University Rankings 2024, it holds the 15th position overall and ranks prominently in specific subjects as well. 

It stands at 6th place worldwide for Natural Science, 10th for Engineering and Technology, and 17th for Biological Science. Moreover, Caltech is recognized as the 12th most innovative school among national universities and ranks 7th among top US universities according to US News. 

This demonstrates its great reputation and contributions to both the scientific community and the education sector, which makes it a top choice for students looking for quality education and research opportunities.

CalTech University Application Deadline & Fees

You can apply for undergraduate programs by November 1, 2023, for Early Action, or by January 3, 2024, for Regular Decision. The application fee is $75 for undergraduates and $100 for graduate programs. The fees are payable online through various methods like credit cards, debit cards, or electronic funds transfers. Graduate program applications for Fall are due by December 15, 2024. Remember, specific programs may have different deadlines, so check the university’s official website for precise dates.

CalTech University Schlorships

At Caltech, scholarships and grants are available only to domestic students based on financial need, while international students need to cover tuition costs themselves. Scholarships are gifts from institutional or private funds to help cover expenses, and the amount depends on demonstrated financial need, with no set standard. 

Scholarships can be renewed annually, but the amount may vary based on future needs. The named scholarships, funded by donors, may also have a merit component.  If you receive one, you may be invited to send a thank-you note to the donor, many of whom are long-time Caltech friends who enjoy hearing about current student life.


In conclusion, the California Institute of Technology offers excellent education and opportunities across various fields. With competitive admissions, diverse courses, and notable rankings, Caltech stands as a premier institution. While scholarships are need-based and primarily for domestic students, international students can explore other funding options. Overall, it promotes academic quality, creativity, and lasting relationships, which makes it a popular choice among aspiring scholars.


Q. What is Caltech known for?

A. Caltech is renowned for its excellence in science and engineering education and research, which consistently helped it to rank among the top universities globally.

Q. How selective is Caltech’s admissions process?

A. Caltech has a highly selective admissions process and admits only a small percentage of applicants who showcase good academic &  extracurricular achievements.

Q. Is the GRE required for admission to Caltech?

A. Caltech’s GRE requirements vary by program. The university categorizes GRE as R for required, O for optional, and SR for strongly recommended. It’s important for applicants to carefully review the requirements for their chosen programs to avoid last-minute confusion.

Q. What types of financial aid does Caltech offer?

A. Caltech offers scholarships and grants based on financial need for domestic students. International students need to cover tuition costs themselves.

Q. How are scholarships awarded at Caltech?

A. Scholarships are gifts from institutional or private funds and vary based on demonstrated financial need. Named scholarships, with some having a merit component, are also available.

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