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Dartmouth College: Application Process, Fees & Academic Programs

Dartmouth College is a fancy school in New Hampshire. It started way back in 1769 when a guy named Eleazar Wheelock made it. He wanted to teach Native American kids, English kids, and anyone else who wanted to learn. The governor of New Hampshire gave them some land by the Connecticut River to build it on.

One cool thing about Dartmouth is that it has the first business school in the world. It also has the first graduate degree in health care delivery.

Dartmouth is big on being a good school. It’s ranked okay in some lists like QS Ranking and Times Higher Education Rankings. But it’s not the best in the world according to Shanghai Jiao Tong Rankings. However, it’s always been in the top 10 for teaching according to U.S. News & World Report.

The Dartmouth campus is huge, with lots of buildings and stuff to do. People say it’s one of the prettiest campuses in the country. There’s a big green area in the middle where students hang out. They have events like Winter Carnival there. The campus also has a library, an art museum, and other cool places.

They offer lots of different classes at Dartmouth. Some popular ones are Biochemistry, Biology, Management, Sociology, Computer Science, and Economics.

In 2021, Dartmouth let in about 6,761 students. Most were undergrads, but some were doing graduate degrees. It costs between $58,000 and $62,000 for undergrads, and between $56,000 and $111,700 for grad students. The student-to-teacher ratio is 7:1, which means there are not too many students in each class. Dartmouth is very picky about who they let in. Only 6.2% of people who apply get in. They have students from 57 different countries, and there’s even a group for Indian students.

Lots of important people went to Dartmouth, like poets, CEOs, and even Nobel Prize winners.

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Dartmouth College Admissions Information

Dartmouth College is really selective, only about 6 out of every 100 students who apply get in. About half of the students who are accepted and sent in their test scores got SAT scores between 1500 and 1580 or ACT scores between 33 and 35. But there are also some students who got scores higher or lower than that – about a quarter each. If you want to apply to Dartmouth, the deadline is January 3rd.

When Dartmouth looks at applications, they care a lot about the grades students got in high school. They also think your class rank in high school, if they have it, and the letters of recommendation you get are really important. If you want to know more about what Dartmouth considers when they look at applications, you can check out College Compass.

Dartmouth College Admissions Application Fees, Deadline, Acceptance Rate & Requirements

November 1, 2024, is when you need to submit your application if you want to apply early for Dartmouth College as an undergrad.

If you’re thinking about applying for graduate programs at Dartmouth, the deadline changes depending on the program. For international students looking to get into Dartmouth’s MBA program, the deadline is March 25, 2024.

Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business is ranked in the top 20 universities globally by FT Rank in 2024.

Dartmouth College is one of the oldest universities in the USA. They offer more than 70 programs for both undergrads and grads. If you’re from another country, you can apply online through the Common Application or Dartmouth’s official website.

It’s tough to get in because Dartmouth is highly respected and doesn’t accept many students. Their acceptance rate is about 6%. Here are some interesting facts about Dartmouth:

  • It’s a private Ivy League research university located in Hanover.
  • There are seven students for every faculty member.
  • A graduate student studying Computer Science got a grant from NASA.
  • Popular subjects to study at Dartmouth include Economics, Engineering Science, Computer Science, and Biology.
  • Dartmouth is one of the nine oldest colleges in the USA, founded before the American Revolution.
  • In the Class of 2027, Dartmouth received over 28,800 applications. They accepted around 1,200 students, with 17% of them being international. They also offered a total of $38.5 million in scholarships.

Dartmouth College Academic Programs & Offerings

Types of Degree

  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • Doctorate for professional work
  • Doctorate for doing research

Special Combined Programs

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s combined in Biophysical Chemistry (4 years for Bachelor’s, then 1 more for Master’s)
  • Doctorate in Medicine combined with Master’s in Business Administration
  • Doctorate in Medicine combined with Master’s in Engineering
  • Doctorate in Medicine combined with Doctorate in Engineering
  • Doctorate in Medicine combined with Doctorate in different academic fields
  • Doctorate combined with Master’s in Business Administration

Special Academic Programs

  • All seniors must do a big final project.
  • Almost all first-year students get extra support and activities.
  • Many students do community service as part of their studies.
  • Students learn to write well in different subjects.
  • Students get to do their own research or creative projects.
  • Some students join groups that study and learn together.

Dartmouth College Financial Aid & Tuition

Dartmouth College charges $65,511 for tuition, which is higher than the average tuition cost nationwide, which is $43,477.

This cost includes tuition and fees, which cover things like using the library, gym, student center, technology, and health services.

When comparing college costs, it’s important to think about the total cost, not just tuition. This includes things like room and board, books, transportation, and personal expenses. For Dartmouth College, this total cost adds up to $83,957.

The net price is what you actually pay after subtracting scholarships and financial aid from the total cost. For students who get need-based aid, the average net price at Dartmouth College is $21,020.

Dartmouth College Tuition & Expenses

For the school year 2023-2024, the total cost of attending this school is $65,511. This includes tuition fees.

The average cost that students actually pay, after getting a loan from the government, is $33,023 for the 2020-2021 school year.

The amount a student pays can depend on their family’s income. Here’s the average cost based on different family incomes for the 2020-2021 school year:

Family IncomeAverage Cost
$0 – $30,000$6,376
$30,001 – $48,000$7,099
$48,001 – $75,000$12,297
$75,001 – $110,000$18,070
More than $110,001$54,195
This table shows how much families, based on their yearly income, spend on average. For example, families earning between $0 and $30,000 each year spend around $6,376, while families making more than $110,001 a year spend approximately $54,195.

The cost for room and food for the 2023-2024 school year is $18,759.

Financial Aid for Dartmouth College

Financial aid means money that helps pay for college. It’s given based on how much you need it or how well you’ve done.

The money you get depends on how much you or your family can afford for college. This is figured out using a form called the FAFSA. At Dartmouth College, new students got an average of $67,140 in aid based on need. Almost half of new students got this kind of aid in 2021.

The aid based on need includes loans from the government and jobs on campus. New students got an average of $5,139 in this kind of aid.

Dartmouth College made sure that all its students got enough financial aid to cover their needs. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of aid available.

Dartmouth College Student Loan (Debt)

How much money you borrow for college can affect your finances for a long time, even after you finish school. Ideally, the total amount you borrow should be less than what you expect to earn when you start working after graduation.

At Dartmouth College, the average amount of money students owe from federal loans when they finish their bachelor’s degree is $17,500. If you were to pay back this loan over 10 years with a 5.05% interest rate, your monthly payment would be around $186.

Also, 5% of students graduating from Dartmouth College took out private loans. On average, these students owed about $61,575 in private loan debt when they graduated.

Scholarships at Dartmouth College

Scholarships are money that you get for free and don’t have to pay back. Some scholarships look at how much money you have (need-based), while others look at how well you do in school or sports (merit-based). You might also get a scholarship for doing community service, having cool hobbies, or because of who your parents work for or if they’re in the military.

Some students get enough scholarship money to pay for everything they need in college. Check out the different kinds of scholarships and grants available at Dartmouth College below.

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