Elliot Page Net Worth: Career, Earnings, Popularity and More

Elliot Page Net Worth: Career, Earnings, Popularity and More

From being a bibliophile to developing knowledge about the industry of entertainment, All I can say is knowing about the journey of an actor is absolutely inspiring and worth reading for.

In the episode for the day, we will know about Elliot Page net worth. Face behind the blockbusters such as  Juno and Inception.  Read the article as you explore about Elliot Page net worth, career, and achievements. 

Elliot Page Net Worth

🌟 Elliot Page at a Glance 🌟

The Star: Ellen Philpots-Page

DOB: Feb 21, 1987

Born Place: Halifax

Profession: Canadian Actor

Net Worth: $10 Million

Elliot Page Early Life

Ellen Philpots-Page was born in the year 1987 in February. Ellen was born to a graphic designer Father and a primary school teacher Mother. Ellen went to Halifax Grammar School. When he was only 10 years old he was asked to audition for Pit Pony movie. His role was appreciated and there began his film career. Only recently, Elliot Page came out as a trans man. Now he is called Elliot Page. In the next section, we will read about Elliot Page’s career.

Elliot Page Career

Elliot Page Net Worth

After playing a role in the Pit Pony movie. Elliot got a role in Marion Bridge , a feature film in the year 2002. In the same year, she got her lead role in I Download a Ghost. Other films on the page include; Hard Candy, X-Men, and Hayley Stark. His most appreciated film of Elliot is Juno and Inception. While Juno had a box-office collection of $186 million and Inception collected $800 million. 

Elliot was recently seen in Close to You, it is a movie released in September 2023.

Elliot Page Net Worth

Elliot Page net worth is $10 million in 2023. As already discussed she is a popular Canadian actor. Her salary per film is eight hundred thousand dollars. 

To name a few of her blockbusters, it was Juno and Inception. While Juno earned $186 million and Inception’s box office collection was $826 million. As we must have guessed. Where she was paid around a million for her role. 

Talking about real estate, Elliot Page had a property in Los Angeles. It was worth $1.7 million. However, she sold it in the year 2017, for $2.1 million. 

Elliot Page Net Worth Career Earning Year

YearNet worth (in million)
Elliot Page Net Worth 2023$10 million
Elliot Page Net Worth 2022$9.3 million
Elliot Page Net Worth 2021$8.6 million
Elliot Page Net Worth 2020$7.5 million
Elliot Page Net Worth 2019$6.7 million
Elliot Page Net Worth 2018$6.1 million

Elliot Page Awards and Achievements

This section is about the awards won by Elliot Page. To mention a few He has won an award for best actress in Juno.  To name a few; He won the Atlantic Film Festival for The Tracy Fragments, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films for The Umbrella Academy and the list continues.

Meanwhile, he has also been nominated for the Chicago Fim Critics Association, Canadian Comedy Awards, Primetime Emmy awards, and more. The next section discusses Elliot’s Popularity. 

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Elliot Pages Social Media Accounts

PlatfromsFollowers/SubscribersProfile Visit
Instagram5.8M followerscheck out
Twitter1.8M followerscheck out
Facebook2.5M followerscheck out
YouTube426 subscriberscheck out

Elliot Page Popularity

This section will explore the popularity of Elliot Page. His most loved and appreciated films are; Juno and Inception. In addition to being an actor, he is also a producer and an activist. Page advocates for social concerns, such as for the environment and LGBTQ rights. In 2014, on Valentine’s Day, he came out as a gay woman at an LGBTQ conference.

And only recently, in the year 2022, he came out as a trans man. He is now identified as he/ they as his bio says. He has six million followers on his Instagram. Where he shares his work, and his personal life and advocates for his beliefs. 


This article discusses the life, achievements, and net worth of famous Canadian actor, Ellen Page. From Inception to Juno, she has given blockbusters. Juno Ellen net worth is $10 million. Waiting to know more about famous personalities across the globe. Don’t wait anymore, Subscribe to our website now!


Q. Who is Ellen Page?

A. Elliot Page is a well-known Canadian actor in the industry.

Q. What is Elliot Page net worth? 

A. According to the reports of 2023, Elliot Page net worth is $12 million.

Q. What are the popular films of Ellen Page?

A. Some of the popular hits by Elliot Page are- Super, Juno, Talluah, Handy Candy Inception and more 

Q. What is the biggest movie of Ellen Page?

A. Juno is considered one of the biggest pictures of Ellen Page.

Q. What are the popular television series of Ellen Page?

A. Some of the popular hits by Elliot Page are The Umbrella Academy, Gaycation, Pit Pony, and Ghost Cat.

Q. What is the most recent movie Ellen Page? 

A. The most recent movie of Elliot Page is; Close to You, it was released in September 2023. 

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