Emily Blunt Net Worth: Career, Earnings, Early Life

Emily Blunt Net Worth: Career, Earnings, Early Life

Hello everyone, today we are going to explain and tell everything that is there in Emily Blunt’s life and how she is a highly valued British and American actress known for her all rounding personality and performances in both film and television.

Emily’s talent and hard work have not only gained her more praise than the public but this have also contributed to her profitable net worth.

Come explore with us this impressive article about Emily Blunt net worth and also her journey to success. In this article, we will state everything about Emily’s life and everything so scroll down and read the full article to know  more

Emily Blunt Net Worth

🌟 Emily Blunt at a Glance 🌟

The Star: Emily Blunt

Born date: Feb 23, 1983

Born Place: Roehampton

Profession: British-American Actress

Net Worth: $80 Million

Height: 5 ft 7 in

Nationality: United Kingdom

Early Life of Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt was born in 1983, on the 23rd of the February. Emily Blunt was born and well raised in England, London. She was the second child out of the four children who her parents raised in her family. Emily soon got an interest in acting from a very young age and to sharpen her skills in the field of acting, Emily went to the prestigious Hurtwood House in Surrey, Dorking.

Emily Blunt had a relationship with a known Canadian singer named Michael Bublé. Emily and Michael started their relationship in the year 2005 to 2008, they both first met at the backstage of the Logie Awards in Melbourne. Emily and Michael both had the same house in Vancouver.

Emily and an American actor named John Krasinski started their relationship in the year 2008, November. Later on, Emily and John got engaged in the year 2009, August. John and Emily got married in Como in the year 2010 on the 10th of July. Emily and John now live in New York City’s, Brooklyn neighborhood. Emily and John have two daughters named Hazel born in the year 2014 and Violet born in the year 2016.

Emily Blunt Net Worth

Emily Blunt Net Worth

Emily Blunt’s net worth is said to be estimated around at $80 million dollars. This Large amount of wealthy net worth that Emily has earned is truly by her hard work and dedication which shows in every role of her and she shines through the screen.

Emily is still very active in all the industries and she has some more of the on going projects which will add up to her net worth.

Emily Blunt Net Worth Career Earning Year

YearNet worth (in million)
Emily Blunt Net Worth 2023$80 Million
Emily Blunt Net Worth 2022$76 Million
Emily Blunt Net Worth 2021$72 Million
Emily Blunt Net Worth 2020$66 Million
Emily Blunt Net Worth 2019$61 Million
Emily Blunt Net Worth 2018$57 Million

Career of Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt made her Hollywood debut in the movie named, The Devil Wears Prada. In this movie, she worked side by side with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Emily portrayed the character of a sharp-minded and fashionable assistant named Emily Charlton, and this character of Emily gained her the world wide praise by people and well-known recognition. This roleplay of Emily was a major turning point in her starting career.

Emily Blunt’s career began in the United Kingdom, there she appeared in several British television dramas like Boudica and Foyle’s War. Emily’s debut came in the year 2004 when she played the role of Tamsin in a film that was very much praised by people, it was named, My Summer of Love.

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This performance of Emily gathered her a lot of attention from people and gave her the opportunities in the United States. One of the main sources of Emily Blunt’s net worth is her earnings from acting. Emily’s roles in both major blaster films and very much praised by people and that’s what has consistently added to her earnings. Also, Emily has been known to often ask for high salaries for her performances.

Emily Blunt’s choice of film includes a wide range of genres, from drama and comedy to action and fantasy. Some of her remembered films include Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario, Into the Woods, and A Quiet Place. Emily’s one of iconic and famous role is Mary Poppins in the movie named, Mary Poppins Returns. This role gained her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy.

Emily Blunt’s other Interested Activities

Emily Blunt has been involved in numbers and numbers of advertisements and brand collaborations. Emily has been featured in advertisements for well-known brands and which have further increased her earnings. Emily’s connection and advertisements with luxury brands have been profitable.

Emily Blunt and her husband named John Krasinski, have made wise real estate investments over the years. They own several properties, including some luxurious properties in New York.

Emily Blunt’s net worth is proof of her successful career and she has also been active in numbers and numbers of charitable activities. She has supported several and genuine charitable activities.


In conclusion, Emily Blunt’s journey from a growing actress in the UK to a Hollywood superstar is a very incredible one. Emily’s estimated net worth of $25 million dollars reflects her talent, dedication, and the success she has managed to achieve in the entertainment industry. Emily has a promising future in the coming years and with her continuous activeness in profitable projects, it is not even a thing to think that she will have an increased net worth in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Emily Blunt Net Worth

Q. Who is Emily Blunt?

A. Emily Blunt is a British and American actress known for her multi-talented performances in both the film and television industry. She has received much praise from people and awards for her work in numbers and numbers of genres, from drama to comedy and action.

Q. What is Emily Blunt net worth?

A. Emily Blunt’s estimated net worth is said to be around at $80 million dollars. Emily’s wealth is mainly a result of her successful acting career also counting her roles in major Hollywood productions.

Q. What was Emily Blunt’s debut role?

A. Emily Blunt’s debut role was when her performance was as Tamsin in the year 2004 film named, My Summer of Love. This role of hers gained her world wide  popularity and more opportunities to work in Hollywood.

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