Hapyhipi Net Worth: Life, Career, Earnings and Sources Of Income

Hapyhipi Net Worth: Life, Career, Earnings and Sources Of Income

Have you ever wondered about the fascinating world of collectors and their incredible riches? In this article, I bring my years of experience in the entertainment world to put some light on the captivating journey of Hapyhipi who is a globally known crazy collector.

He has collected immense wealth, and popularity and has successfully turned his passion into wealth.  Join us on a journey through a collector’s life, full of surprises and challenges.

Moreover, we will explore Hapyhipi net worth, early life and career, sources of income, and a lot more.

hapyhipi net worth

🌟 Hapyhipi at a Glance 🌟

Name: Hapyhipi

Date of Birth: March 14, 1986

Born Place: Sydney

Nationality: Australian

Hapyhipi’s Early Life and Career

Tim Schmidt most commonly associated with Hapyhipi was born on March 14, 1986. He is a former Australian rules footballer best remembered for his time with the Sydney Swans in the AFL. After growing up with West Adelaide he was later chosen by Sydney in 2003. In 2009, he retired due to unfortunate injuries. In 2016, Schmidt became the head coach of the Greater Western Sydney Giants’ women’s team, but he stepped down in 2017.

Post-retirement, he founded Kicking Dynamics, a coaching academy nurturing future football talents.

Tim Schmidt most commonly referred to as @hapyhipi on Instagram, is the son of a prominent Canadian automotive parts conglomerate owner and car enthusiast. He has an impressive collection of both exotic and classic cars. Schmidt divides his time between his residences in Florida and Canada, where he indulges in his passion for automobiles.

Tim Schmidt’s journey with cars began when his dad started the ABC Group- a cool automobile parts company. This early exposure inspired Tim’s love for cars, turning him into a passionate car collector with a collection worth about $20 million.

Even though he is Canadian, he hangs out in both Canada and Florida. Besides being great with cars and doing cool stuff on social media and investments, he has faced some challenges in his life. But people love this chill Canadian car enthusiast for his carefree nature.

Hapyhipi Net Worth in 2023

Hapyhipi is a famous car collector and business owner who has a net worth of approximately ($2.04) million according to various sources. He lives in South Florida and has started various businesses focusing on personal growth and well-being.

Moreover, he is also called the child of a big car parts company located in Canada and is famous for his cool collection of fancy and vintage cars. As of February 14, 2020, he had around ($2.6) million in money and belongings. However, a setback occurred when a fire destroyed two golf carts, a Harley-Davidson bike, and two jet skis, resulting in a regrettable loss of $1 million.

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Hapyhipi Net Worth Career Earning Year

YearNet worth
Hapyhipi Net Worth 2023$2.04 Million
Hapyhipi Net Worth 2022$2.02 Million
Hapyhipi Net Worth 2021$2.00 Million
Hapyhipi Net Worth 2020$1.8 Million
Hapyhipi Net Worth 2019$1.6 Million
Hapyhipi Net Worth 2018$1.4 Million

Hapyhipi’s List of Vehicles As a Car Collector

Hapyhipi Net Worth

Tim Schmidt loves to collect cars and he has a bunch of cool ones at his two houses. In 2019, the fire unfortunately destroyed his two golf carts, a Harley-Davidson bike, and two jet skis but his favorite Bugatti Chiron and McLaren P1 are safe in his Canadian ranch, and you can see them a lot on his official Instagram.

He has a total of 35 cars, such as Teslas, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris. Tim really likes modern fancy cars more than the old ones. To see all his awesome cars, Check out his social media!

Hapyhipi’s Sources Of Income

Tim Schmidt has turned his love for cars into a successful business venture, founding multiple startups in the consumer goods industry. It is likely expected that his substantial net worth comes from activities such as acquiring and selling cars, and possibly through endorsement deals or partnerships.

Additionally, Hapyhipi’s unique car collection is featured in videos, suggesting potential revenue from content creation or collaborations in the automotive and entertainment sectors.

This showcases how his passion for cars has not only become a profitable business but also a captivating source of content for enthusiasts.

Key facts:

  • Hapyhipi Net Worth in 2023 is $2.04 Million
  • Hapyhipi’s net worth reflects a journey of hard work and success.
  • Hapyhipi is active in charity efforts outside of the media.

Hapyhipi’s Property Holdings

Tim owns two homes—one in Florida and one in Canada. In Florida, he houses an impressive collection of costly vehicles, while the majority of his extensive car collection is parked in his Canadian residence. Tim, known as hapyhipi has a good fanbase of 11.4K on Instagram.

He actively shares glimpses of his luxurious vehicles. His profile reflects a person who embraces Peace, Love, and Happiness, providing a peek into a lifestyle that combines richness with a free-spirited attitude.


In a nutshell, Hapyhipi has an estimated net worth of approximately ($2.04) million. Tim Schmidt’s joyful “Happyhipi” personality, along with his amazing collection of cars, has made him a prominent figure in the world of car fans.

He has captivated the interest and admiration of fans across the globe with this unique car collection. His unique blend of personality and impressive car collection has truly made him a noteworthy presence in the car enthusiast community, earning him widespread recognition and appreciation.


Q. What is Hapyhipi net worth in 2023?

A.HappyHippi net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $2.04 million.

Q. How does HappyHippi make money?

A. HappyHippi generates income through diverse channels, including a strong social media presence, collaborations with brands, and potential earnings from content creation.

Q. Is there an estimate of HappyHippi’s earnings from his car collection?

A. Specific details about earnings from the car collection are not readily available. However, showcasing cars on social media could contribute to his overall income.

Q. Has HappyHippi net worth changed significantly in recent years?

A. Without recent public disclosures, tracking precise changes in HappyHippi’s net worth is challenging. Financial details may not be frequently updated or shared.

Q. What impact does Tim Schmidt’s Happy Hippie persona have on his financial success?

A. Tim Schmidt’s Happy Hippie persona likely positively influences his financial success by strengthening his brand, attracting sponsors, and engaging a broad audience across various platforms.

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