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Josh Giddey Net worth (Early Life And Career)

Josh Giddey, the Aussie basketball sensation, is making waves in the NBA. Born on October 10, 2002, this 6’8″ tall player is winning hearts with his skills on the court.

His net worth isn’t just from playing ball but also comes from big endorsement deals and his growing NBA career. Giddey’s not just a tall guy; he’s a point guard who knows how to control the game.

This young gun’s success is not only seen in his game but also in the money game. As fans cheer on his journey, Giddey’s bank account is growing as fast as his fame, showing that hard work and talent pay off both on and off the basketball court.


Full NameJoshua James Giddey
Date Of Birth10 October 2002
Place Of BirthMelbourne, Australia
Annual Income$2 Million
ProfessionBasketball Players
Instagram:@joshgiddey – 511k followers

Early Life

Josh Giddey, born on October 10, 2002, began his path to basketball success at a young age. Growing up in Australia, his passion for the game began in his boyhood.

He most likely spent a significant amount of time on the court training, establishing the groundwork for the superb player he is now.

Giddey’s early encouragement, combined with his inherent talent, cleared the road for him to enter the competitive world of professional basketball. His is a narrative of passion, dedication, and the start of a bright court career.

Key Points:

  • NBA rising star
  • Known for his remarkable court skills and versatility
  • obtained rich endorsement deals
  • Growing net worth reflects both sports performance and sponsorship.
  • In professional basketball, he is regarded as a promising player.


After several standout performances as an amateur, including being named an all-star in the 2020’s Basketball Without Borders, Giddey took the next step.

On March 2020, the 6’8″ combo guard signed with the National Basketball League’s (NBL) Adelaide 36ers. There, he became the first Australian to be part of the league’s newest program, which sought to develop NBA draft prospects.

He went on to show signs of being a triple-double threat from the get-go, becoming the youngest Australian to record one in NBL history.

Josh Giddey’s basketball story is pretty amazing. He got noticed for being really good at the game. He started in the Australian National Basketball League (NBL) with the Adelaide 36ers in 2020-2021.

Because he played so well, the NBA took notice. In 2021, the Oklahoma City Thunder picked him as the 6th overall in the NBA Draft.

People love how he sees the game and passes the ball. Now, he’s making a name for himself in the NBA, and everyone’s excited to see where his career takes him.

Josh Giddey gained attention after excelling in professional basketball and was named an all-star in the 2020 Basketball Without Borders. The 6’8″ player then joined with the Adelaide 36ers of the National Basketball League (NBL) in March 2020.

This was significant because he was the first Australian in their new program to assist athletes in preparing for the NBA draft.

Giddey immediately shown his ability to do it all on the court, becoming the youngest Australian to record a triple-double in NBL history. It was an excellent start to his professional basketball career.

Just a few games into the 2021-22 season, Josh Giddey made history by being the third-youngest player ever to have at least ten points in a game, recording a double-double against the Los Angeles Lakers. What’s more, guess what? Every month, including January, he has been named the NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month.

All of Josh’s accomplishments aren’t just making him renowned; they’re also building up in his money account. His net worth in 2022 is increasing, and it is likely to become even more when he signs his next deal.

Giddey made history yet again on January 2, 2022, when he became the youngest player ever to record a triple-double. He had 17 points, 14 assists, and 13 rebounds in a game against the Dallas Mavericks. This broke the mark set by former All-Star LaMelo Ball.


In conclusion, Josh Giddey’s money situation looks great, thanks to his basketball skills and endorsement deals. He’s breaking records and making a name for himself in the NBA, and that’s boosting his bank account. As he keeps shining on the court, it’s pretty likely that Josh’s money will keep going up, showing he’s not just a star player but also a rising financial success.

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