Lily Collins Net Worth: Her Popularity, Life, Earnings and More

Lily Collins Net Worth: Her Popularity, Early Life, Earnings and More

From being a melophile to developing knowledge about the industry of music, All I can say is knowing about the journey of an artists is absolutely inspiring and worth reading.

In the episode for the day, we will know about Lily Collins net worth. The Face Behind Emily and Snow White Read the article as you explore about Lily Collins net worth, career, and achievements. 

Lily Collins earnings

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🌟 Lily Collins at a Glance 🌟

Actor Name: Lily Collins

Date of Birth: March 18, 1989

Born Place: Guildford

Nationality: United States of America

Profession: Actor and Model

Award: Glamour Award

Net Worth: $25 Million

Lily Collins Early Life

 Lily Collins, the full name goes as Lily Janes Collins. She is a Pisces, born in March in the year 1989. Today, she is 34 years old. She is born to Phil Collins;  the lead singer of the famous rock band, Genesis, Interestingly, she entered the acting industry when she was only two years old.

She was part of Growing Pains, a sitcom. Furthermore, she had a great interest in the field of journalism. She had the opportunity to write for Teen Vogue, Elle Gir, and Seventeen as well.

Of all, she got to talk about the U.S. Presidential campaign in the year 2008. 

Lily Collins Career

In the year 2009, Lily Collins made her film debut in The Blind Side. It was quite a success. She got recognized for her work in Mirror, Mirror; a movie of the year 2012.

It was based on the popular fairytale of Snow White. Here Lily played the role of Snow White. Fact; She also sang in the film. Lily Coolins after all got the singer genes.

She is indeed a multi-talented personality. Her other popular work includes; to the Bone, Unfiltered, Okja, and Love, Rosie.

She is presently part of a successful Netflix series, Emily in Paris. 

Lily Collins Net Worth

Lily Collins Net Worth

Lily Collins net worth is estimated around $25 million in the year 2023. Her major source of wealth comes from acting, advertisements, and real estate. 

Emily in Paris, a Netflix series is considered as one of her biggest and most notable works of all time. She is getting paid three hundred thousand dollars for per episode in the series. Which is huge? Isn’t it?  In conclusion, she would have earned $ 3 million for a season. 

Shedding light on her real estate, she sold a property for $2.29 million located in Hollywood in the year 2018. Within three years, Lily’s mother transferred a property worth $12.5 million to her.

She sold it for a higher price, for $13.5 million in the year 2021. Not to miss Lily Collins owns hereditary wealth as well. Which is around $ 300 million. 

Lily Collins Net Worth Career Earning Year

YearNet worth (in million)
Lily Collins Net Worth 2023$25 Million
Lily Collins Net Worth 2022$21 Million
Lily Collins Net Worth 2021$15 Million
Lily Collins Net Worth 2020$12.4 Million
Lily Collins Net Worth 2019$10.9 Million
Lily Collins Net Worth 2018$8.8 Million

Lily Collins Awards and Achievements

 Lily Collins has various awards and achievements. To name a few; she won the Young Hollywood Award in the year 2008 for her role in One to Watch. 2012, Lily won the Glamour Award for her role in Pandora Breakthrough.

And five years later in the year 2017; she achieved the Costume Designers Guild Award. At the same time, she has been nominated for prestigious awards such as the Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe, and Hollywood Film Awards.

In the next section, we shall discuss Lily Collins’s Popularity.

Key facts:

  • In 2023, Lily Collins’ net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.
  • Her primary sources for income come in acting, advertisements, and real estate.
  • She was able to speak about the 2008 presidential race in the United States.
  • Five years later, in 2017, she received the Costume Designers Guild Award.

What Are the Famous Television Series of Lily Collins?

Some of the popular hits by Lily Collins  are; Emily in Paris, The Last Tycoon, Calls and Les Miserables

Lily Collins’s Social Media Accounts

PlatformsFollowers/SubscribersProfile Visit
Instagram28.6M followerscheck out
Twitter733K Followerscheck out
YouTube2.19K subscriberscheck out
Facebook4.5M followerscheck out

Lily Collins Popularity

This section talks about Lily Collins’s Popularity. One of her most loved and appreciated series is Emily in Paris. It is a Netflix series released in 2020. It has three seasons and we can look forward to another season as well. She has 28.6 million followers on her Instagram.

She posts about life, achievements, and upcoming projects. Similarly, on X she posts about herself and her work. On this platform, she has around a million followers.

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This article discusses the life, achievements, and net worth of famous British-American Actress, Lily Collins. She is our favorite Emily, from Emily in Paris. She has given various blockbusters. The net worth of Lily Collins is reported to be $25 million. Get to know more about famous personalities across the globe, Subscribe to our website now!


Q. Who is Lily Collins?

A. Lily Collins is a well-known British-American actress in the industry.

Q. What is Lily Collins net worth?

A. According to the reports of 2023, Lily Collins net worth is 25 million dollars.

Q. What are the popular films of Lily Collins?

A. Some of the popular hits by Lily Collins are- Love, Rosie, Mirror Mirror, To the Bone, The, The Blind Side, and Extremely Wicked.

Q. What is the biggest movie of Lily Collins?

A. Avengers Endgame is considered one of the biggest pictures of Lily Collins.

Q. Lily Collins has been presently part of which series? 

A. Presently, Lily Collins has been a part of Calls, Emily in Paris and The Making of Tolkien series. 

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