RDCworld1 Net Worth: His Early Life, Career, Earnings

RDCworld1 Net Worth: His Early Life, Career, Earnings

Are you excited to know about the secrets behind RDCworld? Well, you’re in the right place! Get ready for an exciting journey as we look into the financial success of these entertainment icons.

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Let’s look into the details, including RDCworld’s early life, career, and net worth together, and find out what makes RDCworld1 net worth truly special!

Join me on this journey to explore financial insights, peek into the behind-the-scenes magic, and gain a deeper understanding of RDCworld’s success.

Before proceeding further, let’s understand about RDCworld!

RDCworld1 Net Worth 1

🌟 RDCworld1 at a Glance 🌟

Name: RDCworld1

Birth Date: September 16 1994

Birth Place: Texas

Country: United States

Birth Sign: Virgo

Occupation: YouTube Star

Net worth: 2.5 Million

What is RDCworld?

“Real Dreamers Change the World” commonly known as “RDCWorld” is a Texas-based group of online video creators that was founded by Mark Phillips and Affiong Harris, and includes talented members like Leland Manigo, Desmond Johnson, Ben Skinner, Dylan Patel, and John Newton.

They’re famous for entertaining YouTube videos covering anime, sports, video games, memes, and pop culture. Their main channel, RDCworld1, started in 2012 and has over 1.3 billion views with 6.5 million subscribers as of September 2023.

Viewers enjoy their entertaining content that caters to various interests!

RDCworld1 goes far beyond YouTube and actively participates in sports events including House of Highlights $250K Dodgeball Showdown and flag football events in collaboration with the NFL. Phillips even appeared in a commercial for the 2022 NBA playoffs.

Moreover, in 2017 the group hit a milestone and reached one million subscribers on their channel. 

In 2018, they also launched “Dream Con” in Waco, Texas, United States- a versatile event celebrating anime and gaming culture.

RDCworld1 Net Worth

RDCworld1 Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of RDCworld1 is estimated to be $2.5 million as of November 2023. The channel’s net worth comes from YouTube revenues that are based on its audience views.

The estimated earnings of RDCworld1 by month are listed below:-

Nov 23 – $20.6KDec 22 – $17.7K
Oct 23 – $32.5KNov 22 – $14.7K
Jul 23 – $12.8KOct 22 – $18.4K
Jun 23 – $14.4KSep 22 – $7.79K
May 23 – $40.3KAug 22 – $18.6K
Apr 23 – $18.7KJul 22 – $22K
Mar 23 – $11.2KJun 22 – $26.7K
Feb 23 – $13.9KMay 22 – $18.8K
Jan 23 – $7.5K(Apr 22 – $8.04K
Feb 22 – $16KMar 22 – $20.2K

RDCworld1 Net Worth Career Earning Year

YearNet worth (in million)
RDCworld1 Net Worth in 2023$2.5 million
RDCworld1 Net Worth in 2022$2.1 million
RDCworld1 Net Worth in 2021$1.8 million
RDCworld1 Net Worth in 2020$1.5 million
RDCworld1 Net Worth in 2019$1.1 million
RDCworld1 Net Worth in 2018$1.0 million

Early Life and Career

Mark Phillips is the creative mind behind the YouTube channel “RDCworld”. He was born on September 16, 1994, in Texas, USA. Starting his YouTube journey early, Mark, alongside cousin Leland Manigo, became the driving force behind the success of the RDCworld1 channel, which is famous for its cool sketches and vlogs.

But Mark’s creativity doesn’t stop there – Mark showcased his creativity by giving iconic album covers a personal twist using his graduation photos. This not only highlighted his talent but also solidified his significant role in the entertainment world.

Now let’s shed some light on another famous personality Leland Manigo- another founder of the RDCworld.

Leland Manigo was born on October 16, 1995, in the United States. He has become a famous YouTube sensation and has a net worth of $2 million.

Since his early days, he has been captivating audiences on the RDCworld1 channel by sharing animated and live-action sketches, including the well-loved “Black Avengers” series.

In short, Leland’s journey from a creative mind to a prominent YouTube personality has been an exciting adventure, that brings joy to countless viewers.

Key facts:

  • In 2023, RDCworld1’s net worth is expected to reach about $2.5 million.
  • He has a net worth of $2 million after becoming a YouTube sensation.
  • In 2017, the group passed a major milestone by reaching one million subscribers on their YouTube account.

RDCworld1’s Social Media Accounts

PlatformsFollowers/SubscribersProfile link
Instagram1.4M followerscheck out
Twitter230.6K Followerscheck out
Facebook279K followerscheck out
YouTube6.65M subscriberscheck out

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In 2023, RDCworld1 net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. Originating from Texas, USA, this YouTube channel is not just famous but also incredibly talented. Judging by the number of fans and YouTube subscriptions, it’s clear that a lot of people genuinely enjoy what they create. Their success in the entertainment industry is well-deserved and truly reflects the love they have received from viewers.

FAQs About RDCworld1 Net Worth

Q. What is RDCworld1?

A. RDCworld1 is a popular YouTube channel with funny videos and sketches that will make viewers laugh.

Q. Who made RDCworld1?

A. The talented people Mark Phillips and Leland Manigo are the brains behind RDCworld1.

Q. What content does RDCworld1 make?

A. RDCworld1 creates videos with cartoons and real-life scenes, like the popular “Black Avengers” series.

Q. Why is RDCworld1 so popular?

A. People love RDCworld1 because it brings humor and relatable content to their YouTube channel.

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