Scottie Pippen Net Worth: Career, Popularity, Salary & More

Scottie Pippen Net Worth: Career, Popularity, Salary & More

Scottie Pippen, a former NBA player. He has been over six times NBA champion, And has played a major role in making the NBA greatly popular along with another player, Who earned a lot of respect and net worth during his career. Keep continue reading about Scottie Pippen net worth, his achievements, his career and more. Scottie’s net worth in 2023 is $30 million.


NameScottie Pippen
2023 Net Worth$30 Million
D.O.BSep 25 1965
Salary$80,000 + Per Month
Yearly Earnings$2 Million +
Monthly Earnings$1,70,000 +

Scottie Pippen Early Life

Scottie Pippen Net Worth

Scottie Maurice Pippen or Scottie Pippen as we know him. He was born in Hamburg on 25th September 1965. Scottie Pippen began playing basketball when he was in high school. At that time, his height was 6ft 1 inch. However, by the time he reached University, he gained some more inches. At the University of Central Alaska, he became 6ft 3 inches, which increased by two inches. He began as the manager of the basketball team but ended up as one of the top-class basketball players. Keep reading as you gain more insights about Scottie Pippen.

Scottie Pippen Career

When he entered University, he began as basketball manager of the team, by his end year not only did he Gain more height; a position in the roaster, but Scottie Pippen became the best player on the team. He was 6ft 7inch by then. In the year 1987, he was chosen by Seattle Supersonics and was traded to Chicago. Scottie Pippen played small forward. During the journey of his career, Scottie Pippen had been part of three teams.which were, beginning with  Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, and lastly Portland Trail Blazers. Scottie Pippen has played for over 17 sessions of the NBA.

Scottie Pippen is considered the BEST INDIVIDUAL DEFENDER in the whole History of the NBA. His hall of fame career included a position in 50 greatest players in the history of NBA and in addition, Scottie Pippen has also won two Olympic gold medals. He is considered to have played a significant role in making the NBA greatly popular along with another basketball player Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen has had a successful basketball career.

Scottie Pippen Net Worth 

According to reports, Scottie Pippen has a net worth of $30 million. Although Scottie Pippen had earned almost $100 million from his basketball career. At the time of his retirement, a bad financial advisor messed it up.  However, some decisions didn’t have the same consequences as expected. Yet Scottie Pippen has been one of the most successful basketball players, who has made his name in the sport.  Keep reading. 

Scottie Pippen  Net Worth Growth Timeline

Net Worth in YearNet Worth in millions
Scottie Pippen Net Worth 2018$20 Million
Scottie Pippen Net Worth 2019$22.1 Million
Scottie Pippen Net Worth 2020$24.5 Million
Scottie Pippen Net Worth 2021$26 Million
Scottie Pippen Net Worth 2022$28.7 Million
Scottie Pippen Net Worth 2023$30 Million

Scottie Pippen Popularity

Scottie Pippen has been a fantastic basketball player in the NBA. He is considered the best defender of all time in NBA history. He has been among the top 50 players in the NBA. It is because of him that the NBA gained great popularity. Scottie Pippen has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram. He often posts motivating quotes on his feed. Scottie Pippen is an inspiring personality, presently he is the team ambassador of his t team, the Chicago Bulls .

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Agreements And Salary

Scottie Pippen is commonly recognized as the NBA player with the lowest salary ever. That is both somewhat correct and partially incorrect. Before the 1991 season, Scottie committed to a seven-year, $18 million contract extension. In other words, Scottie was paid $2.6 million during the Bulls’ heyday, when Michael Jordan was paid $30 million or more. He would later admit that he did so to ensure security for his family. His family was incredibly impoverished, and both his brother and father were wheelchair-bound.

This contract would become a source of annoyance for Pippen. He later believed he had signed a terrible contract and needed a fresh extension. Surprisingly, Scottie’s overall NBA salary of $109 million ended up being larger than Michael’s $94 million. The Houston Rockets signed him to a five-year, $67.2 million contract prior to the 1998-1999 season, which accounted for the majority of his career earnings. After returning to the Bulls for his final two seasons, he earned an additional $10 million.

Scottie Pippen Awards and Achievements 

This section of the article shall tell you about Scottie Pippen‘s awards and achievements as a basketball player. Scottie Pippen has been named as NBA All-Defence team ten times throughout. He has won the NBA championship six times with the Chicago Bulls. Scottie Pippen has been named the NBA Steals Leader and more.

Scottie Pippen’s on Social Media

Social media platformFollowersProfile link
Instagram2.3M followersCheck out
Facebook1.1M followersCheck out
Twitter667.9K followersCheck out


This article discusses the life, achievements, and net worth of the six-time NBA Champion, Scottie Pippen. With his extraordinary talent in basketball, he has made his name. I hope you found this article useful. Catch up to our website now to stay up to speed on famous individuals from across the world!


Q. Who is Scottie Pippen?

A. Scottie Pippen is a former NBA player. He has bee six times NBA champion

Q. What is Scottie Pippen net worth? 

A. According to the reports of 2023, Scottie Pippen has a net worth of 30 million dollars.

Q. What teams did Scottie Pippen play for?

A. Scottie Pippen played for Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers

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