Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTubers and Channel

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTubers and Channel

Are you curious about who the top 10 most subscribed YouTubers are? Look no further, as we delve into the world of YouTube and explore the individuals who have built massive online followings through their engaging and entertaining content. From gaming to lifestyle, these YouTubers have captivated millions of viewers with their unique personalities and creative videos. Let’s get right in and see who the best of the best are!

List of Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTubers

1. PewDiePie – The King of YouTube

most subscribed youtubers

With a staggering 110 million subscribers, PewDiePie takes the crown as the most subscribed YouTuber. Known for his gaming commentary and humorous reactions, Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie’s real name) has managed to captivate audiences worldwide. From his Let’s Play videos to his collaborations with other content creators, PewDiePie has established himself as an influential figure in the YouTube community.

YouTube channel: PewDiePie

2. T-Series – The Powerhouse of Indian Music

most subscribed youtubers

T-Series, an Indian music label and film production company, comes in close second with over 109 million subscribers. Specializing in music and Bollywood content, T-Series is the most subscribed youtubers has become a global sensation, appealing to fans of Indian culture and entertainment. With a vast library of music videos, movie trailers, and behind-the-scenes footage, T-Series continues to attract a massive audience.

YouTube channel: T-Series

3. Cocomelon – Entertainment and Education for Kids

most subscribed youtubers

With over 109 million subscribers, Cocomelon ranks third on our list. This YouTube channel offers engaging and educational content aimed at a young audience. From nursery to music lessons, Cocomelon provides a safe and entertaining environment for children to learn while having fun.

YouTube channel: Cocomelon

4. SET India (Sony Entertainment Television) – The Hub of Indian Entertainment

SET India is a popular Indian entertainment channel with over 93 million subscribers. Known for its rich television content, reality shows and art shows, SET India has become the top destination for Hindi speaking people across the world. With different narratives and themes, SET India has gained loyal fans.

YouTube channel: SET India

5. Kids Diana Show – Adventure and play time for kids.

With over 88 million subscribers, Kids Diana Show focuses on imaginative play and adventure. Starring Diana, a charming and creative girl, this YouTube channel offers a variety of videos including toy reviews, DIY crafts, and pretend play scenarios. Delighting young audiences with its colorful and engaging content, the Kids Diana show has become a hit with children around the world.

YouTub channel: Kids Diana Show

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6. Like Nastya – a world of fun and discovery

Nastya, a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the world through the eyes of a young girl named Anastasia, has amassed over 85 million subscribers. From visiting theme parks to embarking on thrilling adventures, Like Nastya provides viewers with a fun and educational experience, encouraging young viewers to learn and explore. Like Nastya is the most subscribed YouTubers

YouTube channel: Like Nastya

7. Vlad and Niki – A fun and lively brotherly bond

The “Vlad and Niki” channel, which shows the adventures of two young brothers, has more than 83 million loyal followers. From pretend play to toy reviews, Vlad and Niki offer a fun glimpse into the lives of these wayward siblings. Vlad and Niki have become popular faces in the YouTube community for their infectious energy and hilarious interactions.

YouTube channel: Vlad and Niki

8. MrBeast – Philanthropy and Epic Challenges

MrBeast, known for his grand-scale challenges and acts of philanthropy, has attracted over 79 million subscribers. From giving away vast sums of money to organizing unique and daring challenges, MrBeast’s content is a blend of entertainment and social impact. With his contagious enthusiasm and generosity, MrBeast has become a beacon of positivity on YouTube. MrBeast is the one of the most subscribed YouTubers.

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YouTube channel: MrBeast

9. Zee Music Company – Indulge in Indian Music

Zee Music Company, an Indian music label, has garnered over 74 million subscribers. Celebrating the diversity and richness of Indian music, Zee Music Company offers a wide array of music videos, movie soundtracks, and independent artist releases. With its vast catalog and dedication to promoting Indian music talent, Zee Music Company continues to captivate music lovers worldwide. This company is most subscribed YouTubers.

YouTube channel: Zee Music Company

10. 5-Minute Crafts – Innovative DIY Hacks

Closing our list is 5-Minute Crafts, a channel specializing in quick and innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) hacks. With over 74 million subscribers, this channel provides viewers with creative and practical solutions for everyday problems. From home organization tips to craft projects, 5-Minute Crafts offers a wealth of inspiration for those seeking to unleash their inner creativity.

YouTube channel: 5-Minute Crafts


In conclusion, the top 10 most subscribed YouTubers have mastered the art of engaging and entertaining audiences through their unique content. From gaming to music, education to lifestyle, these YouTubers have captured the hearts of millions and continue to dominate the platform. Whether you’re seeking laughter, knowledge, or inspiration, these individuals offer an extraordinary viewing experience.


Q. Who is the most subscribed YouTubers?

A. As of now, the most subscribed YouTubers is T-Series, an Indian music video channel.

Q. Who is the second most subscribed YouTuber?

A. The second most subscribed YouTuber is PewDiePie, a Swedish gaming and commentary channel.

Q. Are there any other famous YouTubers on the list?

A. Yes, some other famous YouTubers on the list include Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes, SET India, and 5-Minute Crafts.

Q. What kind of content do these YouTubers create?

A.  T-Series primarily uploads music videos, PewDiePie focuses on gaming and commentary, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes produces animated nursery rhymes, SET India features Indian television shows, and 5-Minute Crafts provides DIY and life hack videos.

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