University of Washington: Courses, Cost, Rankings, Scholarships, and More -

University of Washington: Courses, Cost, Rankings, Scholarships, and More

The University of Washington is a famous public research university that is often considered among the Public Ivies. It’s renowned globally and is ranked 10th best by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2015. 

With a consistently top-ranked research budget, it offers a wide array of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees across 140 departments. These include the Michael G. Foster School of Business, School of Medicine, School of Law, College of Engineering, College of Education & School of Nursing. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the basic overview of this prestigious institution, including its admission criteria, eligibility, courses, costs, rankings, scholarship programs, and much more. Continue reading till the end if you’re looking to get admitted to this institution.

About the University of Washington

The University of Washington was founded in 1861 and stands as one of Seattle’s premier public universities. It is known for its excellence, and ranks among the top 100 universities in the US, with notable programs in Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Law, and Business. Additionally, it offers a wide array of 473 courses across its campuses, and it supports students with financial aid by providing around USD 450 million to 64% of undergraduates in 2022-23. 

The university has an impressive alumni list, including 7 Nobel Prize winners, 19 MacArthur Fellows, and numerous members of prestigious academies. It is globally recognized and secured #63 in the QS World University Rankings 2024 and #25 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024.

Moreover, The university’s Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) promotes collaboration between academia and industry to address global concerns. With its blend of academic excellence and lively campus life, UW offers students a transformative educational experience.

Admission Criteria for the University of Washington

When applying to the University of Washington, focus on GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and meeting application requirements. The school’s acceptance rate is 47.5%, which indicates competitive selection. You should aim for a GPA near 3.83, which showcases strong academic performance with mostly A grades

Taking challenging courses like AP or IB classes can boost your application. While UW doesn’t explicitly require SAT/ACT scores, submitting them strengthens your application. The average SAT score is 1340, with math at 690 and reading + writing at 650. 

Additionally, ensure your application meets educational requirements, including holding a bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA or equivalent and demonstrating English proficiency if necessary. Admissions may vary for graduate programs, so review specific requirements carefully.

Application deadlines and fees vary, so ensure timely submission through Common App or Apply Web for undergraduates and online portals for graduates. Understanding these requirements improves your chances of admission to the University of Washington.

University of Wahington Courses and Fees

The University of Washington offers numerous undergraduate and graduate programs, with over 300 graduate degree options available.

ProgramNo. of CoursesTuition Fee (USD)*Duration (Years)
Master of Science (MS)61$19,000 – $46,0000.75 – 3
MBA/PGDM2$48,000 – $52,0001.5 – 2
Bachelor of Business Administration6$32,000 – $33,0004
Master of Architecture (M.Arch)4$26,000 – $32,0002
Bachelor of Engineering/Technology35$28,000 – $35,0004 – 5
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)90$32,0004
Master of Arts (M.A.)39$15,000 – $38,0000.75 – 4
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)44$32,000 – $33,0004
Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)8$25,000 – $39,0002 – 3
Postgraduate Courses (Others PG)17$10,000 – $38,0000.9 – 2
Master of Laws (LL.M.)8$25,000 – $37,0001 – 2
Master of Public Health (MPH)9$33,000 – $54,0002
Executive MBA/PGDM1$57,0001.75
Master of Public Administration (MPA)2$34,000 – $45,0002
Postgraduate Certificate5$7,000 – $10,0000.75
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (B.J.M.C.)2$32,0004
Master of Fine Arts (MFA)1$29,0002
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)1$32,0004
Undergraduate Certificate1$32,0004
Others Undergraduate1$32,0004
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)1$34,0000.17
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)1$32,0004
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)1$32,0004

The University of Washington Ranking

The University of Washington is highly regarded globally and nationally. In 2024, it ranked 63rd in the QS World University Rankings and 25th in THE (Times Higher Education) rankings. The university has consistently been in the top 100 worldwide. 

Locally, it’s recognized as one of the top public universities in Seattle. In 2023, it was 80th in the QS rankings and 26th in THE rankings. Additionally, it holds the 6th position in the US News & World Report’s Global Universities ranking, and in 2021, it was 55th nationally.

The University of Washington Scholarships 

The University of Washington offers scholarships across different categories. It’s recommended for applicants to begin searching and applying for scholarships a year before their planned departure. 

These scholarships cover various fields of study and provide financial assistance to students pursuing their education at the university. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a graduate student, there are opportunities available to help reduce the financial burden of tuition fees. 

Make sure to explore the different scholarship options provided by the University of Washington to see if you qualify and apply early to increase your chances of receiving aid.

  • UW Study Abroad Scholarships: It is automatically considered if you answer “yes” in the Scholarship Eligibility questionnaire in your Study Abroad application.
  • Financial Aid Scholarships (OSFA): You can apply for Financial Aid to be automatically considered.
  • Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards (OMSFA): You can 

use their scholarship search tools and resources, especially the scholarship guides, which include a targeted list of study-abroad scholarships.

  • Partner Program Scholarships: They include Scholarships from trusted partners such as CET, CIEE, DIS, IES, SIT, and SFS.
  •  Freshman Scholarships: Presidential Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship plan for selected Washington residents for showcasing exceptional leadership and community engagement.
  • Purple & Gold Scholarship: It varies, for U.S. students (non-Washington residents).
  • UW Diversity Scholarship for Freshmen:  It covers $10,000 per year for four years for high-achieving, high-need students from traditionally underserved communities.
  • Army ROTC Scholarships: It is a merit-based scholarship covering full tuition, book stipend, and monthly allowance for U.S. citizens desiring to serve as commissioned officers. It includes options for both tuition and housing scholarships.
  • Martin Family Foundation Scholarship Programs: It is designed for exceptional students of Washington community colleges who are transferring to UW’s Seattle campus.
  • Washington Space Grant Consortium: It is a Community College Transfer Scholarship for promising students planning to transfer to UW for studies in engineering, math, science, or technology.

These scholarships offer valuable financial support, and applicants are encouraged to apply well in advance of their intended departure.

University of Washington Application Deadline & Cost

The University of Washington offers undergraduate courses with application deadlines for Autumn and Summer intakes. The application submission deadline for both Autumn and Summer sessions is mid-November. 

For test score submission, applicants must ensure scores are submitted by December 31. The application fee for undergraduate courses is USD 90 (INR 7,468), while for postgraduate courses, it is USD 85 (INR 7,053). 

Please note that the university does not accept applications for the Winter intake from international freshman applicants. For postgraduate courses, application deadlines may vary, so applicants should check specific program requirements.


In conclusion, the University of Washington offers a wide range of courses for both undergraduates and postgraduates. With reasonable fees and flexible intake options like Autumn and Summer sessions, it’s easier than ever to pursue your higher education.

Additionally, UW’s top rankings and available scholarships make it an excellent choice for academic growth. Whether you’re into engineering, business, arts, or sciences, it provides a supportive environment with great resources. You can find your potential at this university and start your educational journey today for a great future!


Q. What courses does the University of Washington offer?

A. UW offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various fields like engineering, arts, sciences & business.

Q. How much does it cost to study at the University of Washington?

A. Tuition fees vary depending on the program but generally range from ($16,900 to $61,000) per year for international students.

Q. Does the University of Washington offer scholarships?

A. Yes, UW offers scholarships to both domestic and international students based on academic merit, financial need & other criteria.

Q. Where does the University of Washington(UW) rank nationally?

A. The University of Washington is one of the top public universities in the USA, which is known for its outstanding programs that are recognized both nationally & internationally.

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