Zendaya Net Worth: Achievements, Career, Popularity

Zendaya Net Worth: Achievements, Career, Popularity

I use my years of experience in the entertainment business to illuminate this gifted actor, producer, and dancer’s fascinating path. Read this article and get to know about Zendaya net worth, career, and achievements. 


Zendaya, the popular face of Spider-Man, the Duno Lead. She has created history by winning the Emma Awards at a young age. She acts as an actress, model, dancer, and singer. The multi-talented personality has a huge fan base and respect around.

Zendaya Net Worth

Zendaya net worth is $22 million, but in coming years it only promises to increase. Know about her journey of success here. Read this article and get to know about Zendaya net worth, career, and achievements. 

Zendaya Early Life

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman or Zendaya as we know her. She was born in California in the year 1996 of September. She did her elementary schooling at Fruitvale Elementary School. There she participated in theatre plays. Later, at Oakland School also she was part of various plays. Michael Jackson was her idol, with acting she had a keen interest in dancing as well. She began her career as a model, let’s read about her journey from modeling to a well-known actress. 

Zendaya Net Worth

Zendaya net worth is $22 million. She is a multi-talented personality, She is an actress, dancer, singer, and producer as well. Her source of wealth comes from, singing, modeling, and of course acting. She earned $10 million for her role in Spider-Man. In addition,  Dune and Malcolm and Marie were brought by Netflix $30 million, she played a significant role in both these films. 

Talking about real estate, Zendaya bought a property worth $4 million in California and one in Brooklyn for $ 5 million. A few years back, she bought an estate in Northridge for $1.4 million, and she still owns it today. 

In addition, she does a  number of endorsements as well. The list includes; Beat Electronics, Cover Girl, Valentino, and Chi Hair Care.

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Zendaya Net Worth Growth Timeline

YearNet worth (in million)
Zendaya Net Worth 2023$22 Million
Zendaya Net Worth 2022$18 Million
Zendaya Net Worth 2021$15 Million
Zendaya Net Worth 2020$13 Million
Zendaya Net Worth 2019$11.2 Million

Zendaya Career

Beginning as a Model, Zendaya performed for Macy’s and Old Navy.  Along with that; She did a few commercials. Finally she got casted for the role of Rocky Blue on Disney’s show Shake it Up, she became widely recognized and appreciated. And from there, it’s only more love, opportunities, and success for her. In addition, she also watched it up, which was also a hit. Her popular work includes Spider-Man Homecoming, The Greatest Showman, Duna, and Euphoria. 

Zendaya’s upcoming part two of Duna will be released in 2023 November. 

Zendaya Awards and Achievements

This section explores the awards won by Zendaya. She has created history by winning Emma Awards for her role in Euphoria at a young age. Her other awards include; the People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, CDFA Fashion Icon Awards, and Black Reel Awards. From Acting to modelling Zendaya has made a remarkable journey. 

Zendaya’s Social Media Accounts

PlatformFollowers/SubscribersProfile link
Instagram185M followersCheck out
Twitter20.9M followersCheck out
Facebook19M followersCheck out
YouTube4.03M subscribersCheck out

Zendaya Popularity

Zendaya is among the most loved and appreciated actresses of her time. She has over 185 million followers on her Instagram. Her work in Euphoria is much liked. She uses her fame for all the good reasons. She spreads awareness of social issues.  She has inspired women across the globe. Her personality and her charm is her plus point. She has become popular as an actress, model and singer. She is reportedly dating her co-star in Spider-Man Homecoming, Tom Holland. She is 26 and she has achieved a lot in life with her hard work, talent, and dedication. 

Her upcoming film; Duna Part 2 is all set to be released in November 2023


This article discusses the life, achievements, and net worth of famous American actress Zendaya. She is also a singer, model, dancer and producer. She has created history by winning the Emma Awards at a young age. Zendaya Net worth and fan base have only grown over the years and shall continue to do so. Want to  Know more about famous personalities across the globe, Subscribe to our website now!


Q. Who is Zendaya?

A. Zendaya is a popular actress and singer in Hollywood. 

Q. What is Zendaya net worth? 

A. Zendya net worth is of $22 million dollars.

Q. What are the popular films of Zendaya?

A. Some of the popular hits by Zendaya- are Spiderman: No Way Home, Dune, Challenges, The Greatest Showman, Zapped, Smallfoot, Dune: Part Two and Finestkind.

Q. What is the biggest movie of Zendaya?

A. Dune is considered one of the biggest pictures of Zendaya.

Q. What are the popular television series of Zendaya?

A. Some of the popular hits by Euphoria, KC Undercover, A.N.T Farm, and Blackish.

Q. What is the recent movie of Zendaya? 

A. Zendaya’s recent work was ‘Is that Black enough for you?’ released in 2022. 

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