University of Chicago: Eligibility, Admissions, Courses, Cost, Rankings, Scholarships, and More -

University of Chicago: Eligibility, Admissions, Courses, Cost, Rankings, Scholarships, and More

The University of Chicago is a prestigious private research university that was established in 1890. It offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various fields, including law, business, medicine, social work, public policy, divinity, and engineering. 

With additional campuses in London, Paris, Beijing, Delhi, and Hong Kong, as well as in downtown Chicago, it provides a worldwide learning experience. With 24% international students from 100+ countries, it provides a rich cultural experience. Admission is highly competitive, with a 6% acceptance rate. Undergraduates need a high school certificate, while graduates require a GPA of 3.5+. Tuition is approximately $63,801 USD, but graduates earn an average salary of $82,000 USD annually.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a basic overview of this prestigious institution, including its admission criteria, eligibility, courses, costs, rankings, scholarship programs, and much more. 

Introduction to the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is known for its high academic standards and diverse programs for both undergraduate & graduate students. It offers a lively campus atmosphere where students can explore various research opportunities alongside experts in their fields. 

With a focus on deep thinking and creative problem-solving, it prepares students for success in their chosen occupations. With its main campus in Hyde Park and additional campuses in cities around the globe, it provides a truly international experience with access to global education.

The professors at the University of Chicago are renowned for their research achievements, and critical thinking, and have earned numerous Nobel Prizes. Moreover, the university actively engages in local city affairs and contributes to public policy initiatives.

Eligibility Criteria For the University of Chicago

For undergraduate admission at the University of Chicago, aim for the 75th percentile in high school and boost your application with a higher SAT or ACT score if needed. 

For graduate programs, applicants should have a bachelor’s degree with an average percentage above 75% in a related field. Standardized tests are required, and for full-time MBA programs, GRE or GMAT scores are necessary.

 English proficiency is evaluated through IELTS Academic or TOEFL iBT, with varying minimum scores depending on the department. For example, a band of 7.0-7.5 in IELTS is expected for graduate admissions, while a TOEFL score of at least 104 is required for Law school applicants.

University of Chicago Admissions

Admissions at the University of Chicago are highly competitive, with only 6% of applicants accepted. Graduate students can choose from over 100 programs, and international applicants need to showcase English proficiency with TOEFL iBT scores ranging from 90 to 104 or IELTS scores of 7 to 7.5. There are no minimum GPA requirements for admission. 

For MBA admissions, a GPA of 3.6 or above is preferred, along with mandatory GMAT or GRE scores. Undergraduate students can choose whether or not to submit SAT or ACT scores(it is optional).

The admission process is similar for domestic and international students, with some variations. International applicants need to apply online, pay a fee of $90 for graduate and $75 for undergraduate programs, submit academic records, provide English proficiency test scores, recommendation letters, and additional requirements like work experience or supplemental materials.

University of Chicago Courses and Fees

At the University of Chicago, you can choose from a bunch of different subjects for your major or minor. They have 53 majors and 59 minors to pick from. 

These courses are part of eight colleges, like the Law School or Booth School of Business. The university also has areas of study like biology, history, physics, and sociology. They offer cool classes like Big Problems or Renaissance Studies too.

 If you want to be a doctor, they have a competitive program that takes four years, and after that, you’ll earn a Doctor of Medicine degree. Many graduates find great job opportunities after finishing their degrees. If you’re interested in getting an MBA, the University of Chicago has a popular program, though the fees can vary depending on what you’re studying. You can choose to pay the fees all at once or in yearly installments whatever you prefer.

Popular CoursesDurationFees
B.A.Per yearUSD 63,801 (INR 53,01,247)
B.Sc.Per yearUSD 63,801 (INR 53,01,247)
MBA9 monthsUSD 80,961 (INR 67,27,077)
M.S.1 yearUSD 59,337 (INR 49,30,332)
Ph.D.9 monthsUSD 70,056 (INR 58,20,977)
Master in Data Analytics15 monthsUSD 79,116 (INR 65,73,776)
Master of Science in Computer Science1 yearUSD 59,337 (INR 49,30,332)
MPCS/MBA9 monthsUSD 89,046 (INR 73,98,863)
Master Program in Computer Science in Application Development15 monthsUSD 79,116 (INR 65,73,776)
B.S. in Biological ChemistryPer yearUSD 63,801 (INR 53,01,247)
B.S. in Computer SciencePer yearUSD 63,801 (INR 53,01,247)
B.A. in PhilosophyPer yearUSD 63,801 (INR 53,01,247)
B.A. in PsychologyPer yearUSD 63,801 (INR 53,01,247)
JD/MBA Accelerated9 monthsUSD 117,534 (INR 97,65,941)
Master of Arts Program in Social Sector Leadership & Nonprofit ManagementFull courseUSD 45,000 (INR 37,39,065)

University of Chicago Ranking

The University of Chicago is renowned as one of the top non-Ivy League universities, and is consistently ranking high in prestigious lists such as QS World University, US News, and Times. 

In 2024, it secured impressive positions: 11th in the QS World Ranking, 12th in the US News Best College Ranking, and 13th in the Times World Ranking. 

Additionally, it ranked 22nd among Best Global Universities in the US News 2024 edition. In the Times Higher Education rankings, it held the 13th position globally and was ranked 14th in the US College Rankings of 2022. These rankings highlight the university’s academic excellence and global reputation.

The University of Chicago Scholarship

The University of Chicago is dedicated to supporting international students financially and has offered over $20 million in need-based scholarships in recent years with an additional $35 million gift to help even more.

 Merit scholarships, like the First Phoenix Scholarship and National Police and Fire Scholarship, promote academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, and leadership. 

Need-based aid requires a separate application, while merit aid is automatically considered. Minimum awards for merit scholarships start at $2,000. 

Generous donors and alumni contribute to various scholarships, including the University Merit Scholarship, which covers academic and extracurricular achievements, and full-ride International Financial Aid for exceptional students. Fellowships and assistantships are also available, which cover tuition and stipends for doctoral and master’s programs.

The University of Chicago Application Deadline

The University of Chicago has different admission rounds, and international students are encouraged to apply early for better visa and work permit preparation. 

Deadlines vary based on application type: 

  • Early Action and Early Decision 1 are due on November 1. 
  • Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision are due on January 2.
  • First-year applicants, including QuestBridge, Home-Schooled & International Applicants, apply for the Autumn Quarter only. 

There are four application plans to choose from. Admission decisions for Early Action and Early Decision 1 are released in mid-December, while Early Decision 2 decisions come in mid-February, and Regular Decision in late March. Accepted students must reply by May 1 for Early Action, early March for Early Decision 2, and by May 1 for Regular Decision.

Students must reply by May 1 for Early Action, Early Decision 2, and Regular Decision, and by mid-January for Early Decision 1.

For a better understanding look at the table below:

Application TypeDeadlineAdmission Decision Release DateStudent Reply Due Date
Early ActionNovember 1Mid-DecemberMay 1
Early Decision 1November 1Mid-DecemberMid-January
Early Decision 2January 2Mid-FebruaryEarly March
Regular DecisionJanuary 2Late MarchMay 1


In conclusion, the University of Chicago offers excellent education and opportunities across various fields. With competitive admissions, diverse courses, and notable rankings, it stands as a prestigious institution.

International applicants should apply early to meet visa deadlines. You can also check the scholarships to handle the costs. Overall, it promotes academic quality, creativity, and lasting relationships, which makes it a popular choice among students.


Q. How much is the application fee at the University of Chicago?

A. The application fee varies depending on the degree program: 

Undergraduate/Graduate programs cost: ($75 USD) or (6,221) INR

MBA programs cost: ($250 USD) or (20,739) INR

Q. What are the GRE/GMAT requirements at UChicago?

A. GMAT and GRE scores are not mandatory for most graduate programs. However, MBA applicants must submit their scores, although there’s no specified minimum score requirement.

Q. Are there opportunities for financial aid at the University of Chicago?

A. Yes, the University of Chicago provides financial aid options such as need-based grants, merit scholarships & student loans to help make education accessible. Moreover, students are also encouraged to explore external scholarships.

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